Saturday, August 24, 2013

~Blacklace~ ... *NEWS* (23rd of August)

Hello Ladies, 

today I like to present you the newest release
and the last TGIF by ~Blacklace~ and ~Blacklace Beauty~!

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident
~Blacklace~ FLIRT Frilly Knicker Shorts and matching TEMPT Mesh Bra

This cute Knicker Shorts and the sexy Bra are the newest releases by ~Blacklace~ and 
available in a lot of colors with different designs. In my pic I show you the Sequins pattern.
It's also available in Cheetah Print and Satin and Lace. 

Each Satin and Cheetah Print packs include 2 colors. Satin and Lace packs are single
 colours with 3 frill colour options included.
Fat packs are also available by fabric set or all.

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident
~Blacklace~ SAFARI  TGIF

The TGIF from ~Blacklace~ is SAFARI in Poppy red. This leopard print mesh dress comes with
a zip detail at the back. It is a really sexy dress and fits your figure at all. 

Lolas Tango appliers are available!

You can get this cute dress for 99L this week only!

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident
~Blacklace Beauty~ VISAGE - Princess Pink  TGIF

The TGIF from BEAUTY is the VISAGE - Pincess Pink
Smokey eyeshadow and a vibrant pink lipstick with blush comes in one tattoo layer.
Layers without blush or eyes only/lips only are included. 




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