Monday, July 1, 2013

[ILAYA] Lace/Leather Corset Maxi Dress *NEW*

Hello Ladies, 

[ILAYA] offers you her new gorgeous Lace/Leather Corset Maxi Dress:

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident
The Lace/Leather Corset Maxi Dress is an exclusivly release for the
. L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R .

It's available in the following colors: Flieder, Noir, Oatmeal, Ocean Blue and Pink
 - each is amazing-!

The Lace/Leather Corset Maxi Dress by [ILAYA] is a must-have for your summer


Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident

Especially for the LAZY SUNDAY [ILAYA] offers you the LACE/LEATHER CORSET
MAXI DRESS in the color OCEAN!

This dress is perfect for the sunny days!

You will love it!


(c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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