Friday, July 5, 2013

~Blacklace~ ... TGIF (5th of July)

Hello Ladies!

It's a new friday and ~Blacklace~ released a new TGIF!

This week you can get the wonderful DUCHESS in a LIMITED COLOUR (beige)!

The set comes with a bra, a high underbust corset, matching panties, garters 
and stockings with thigh bows. 

An eyecatcher is the back of the corset - it's laced and so sexy!

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident

Hurry up and buy the stunning DUCHESS by ~Blacklace~ for only 99L!


TP to: ~Blacklace~


(c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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  1. ...absolute eyecatcher is the model on the picture... :)