Friday, April 26, 2013

EGOISME ... Satins & Silks Collection *NEW*

Hello Fashionistas!

EGOISME has released more classic and sophisticated tops and pants
-The Satins & Silks Collection!

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident

EGOISME: Strapless Top -Geometrics
EGOISME: Satins & Silks Pant - Camel

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident

EGOISME: Satins & Silks Top - Peaches & Creme Orange
EGOISME: Satins & Silks Pant - Snow White

In both pictures I am wearing the new skin APHRODITE by EVIAN:

Model & Photographer: NIANI Resident

The Satins & Silks Collection by EGOISME is available in a plenty of patterns and
colors - you will be styled with these collection!

NOTE: Egoisme Prestige members have a  25% discount on every egoisme article
 (inspect vendors to see the discount script before to buy)
     You must wear your tag before buying!

Happy Shopping!



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