Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hello Ladies!

Sorry, that I am late for blogging for Valentine's day and I hurry up to show you
what ~Sassy!~ offers for the lover's day!

~Sassy!~ Starlet gown:
Model and Photographer: NIANI RESIDENT

STARLET GOWN is not only a gown for Valentine's Day - you will show your gorgeous body 
in a stunning sexy style!

In each package you will get two versions of STARLET GOWN!

STARLET GOWN  is a must have!

~Sassy!~ Mandarin v2 mini-dress GROUP GIFT:
Model and Photographer: NIANI RESIDENT

~Sassy!~ presents also a  NEW  GROUP GIFT!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day you will get the cute and
sexy new version of the Mandarin dress.

Boob appliers are included:-)

Look sexy and stylish with ~Sassy!~


 (c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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