Tuesday, February 19, 2013

~Sassy!~ ... *NEWS*

Hello Ladies!

~Sassy!~ takes part at different events with amazing clothes!

~Sassy!~ ... Intrigue blouse lavender:
Model and Photographer: NIANI RESIDENT
A new round of Designer Circle has startet and the Intrigue blouse - lavender 
is only availalbe there. The color "lavender" is a completly new color only for this event!

My styling tipp: To complete this sassy style I am wearing the Babe-licious skirt by ~Sassy!~

~Sassy!~ Scandalous dress:
Model and Photographer: NIANI RESIDENT
Further a new round of the Boobies Show Event has just started and ~Sassy!~ offers you 
exlusive there a sexy little off-shoulder knit-dress for currently only L$ 195!
Appliers for Lola's and Lush are included!

I must tell you a secret: This dress is absolute my favorite one:-)

~Sassy!~ ... Frostbite dress - red:
Model and Photographer: NIANI RESIDENT
Last but not least ... a cart sale - called "Your're Gonna Love This Sale" is still
going on at the Flawless sim!
All carts are filled with popular things from the participating designers for the half price!

For this occasion you can grap the cute Frostbite dress - red as a recent release by ~Sassy!~
for only L$ 50!

The Frostbite dress is not only a cute and sexy dress: You can wear it as a sweater too :-)

TP to: You're gonna Love This Sale @ Flawless sim

You will love all clothes by ~Sassy!~


c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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