Friday, December 28, 2012

1 Hundred. ... *NEWS*

Hello Ladies!

Here are a lot of NEWS by 1 Hundred..

1 Hundred. at Frost Fair (until Jan 2nd):
Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
For the Frost Fair, 1 Hundred. created exclusive the Warm Me Up Top & Leggins!
This outfit is so cute and available in a lot of colors!

Hurry up to grap it - Frost Fair will end soon!

1 Hundred. ... NEW RELEASE:
Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
OMG! What a cute Shirt! The Expose Shirt is elegant and sexy in the same way!
The textures are highly detailed and it fits me without editing my shape!
You will love it, too!

Be the first who buy this NEW Expose Shirt designed by 1 Hundred.!

1 Hundred. for POE 5 Hunt (until Jan. 6th):
Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
You won't believe...this wonderful Innocence Dress is 1 Hundred's. GIFT for
the POE 5 HUNT!

Ladies, this is really an innocent dress :-)

1 Hundred. for Winter Wishes Market (until Jan. 7th):
Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
Yes, 1 Hundred offers you the Basic Tank & Leggins Red exclusive for the
Winter Wishes Market!

For to buy it, walk through the sign at the back of the little alley!

This outfit is a highlight for dark winter days!

1 Hundred. for Twisted Krissmus Hunt (until Jan. 4th):
Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
WoooW... what a sexy outfit! 

You will get the Slip on Set by 1 Hundred exclusive for the Twisted Krissmus Hunt!
There are Trans Permissions for gifting - so you can send this outfit to persons you love!

Believe me: This outfit is beautiful!

1 Hundred. for NEW IN 2013 HUNT (until Jan. 20th):
Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
YAY! This sexy Club Dress is 1 Hundred.'s GIFT for the NEW IN 2013 HUNT!

The Club Dress is an eyecatcher for sleepless nights!

Happy hunting @ 1 Hundred.

I think, you will love all new clothes by 1 Hundred!


(c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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