Sunday, November 11, 2012

SAS ... 60 L$ items and Veterans Day item

Good morning!

Sascha Frangilli released some very beautiful items for the L$ 60 Weekend and
for the Veterans Day!

Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
In my pic above you see the gown MARCEE COFFEE ... it's an amazing
gown in a wonderful color! The skirt flows and you will be the prettiest woman alive
in case of wearing this stunning gown!

Model and Photographer: Niani Resident
This is one more stunning and breathtaking item ... ANIKA COAT BLACK!
This coat is elegant, femine and fits you all over the day. 
The textures are highly detailed and shimmery!

Model and Photographer: Niani Resident

Model and Photographer: Niani Resident

For Veteran's Day SAS created this beautiful gown - named PURR USA!
With this dress is the history of the United States courted and you can show that
you are a patriot in all way!

PURR USA contains different skirts, tops and stolas. In my pics I show you only
a small choice of the various possibilities to combine this wonderful gown.

You will love all items from Sascha's Designs!


(c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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