Friday, November 16, 2012

[Bizarre Hair] ... PurpleMoon Creations

Model and Photographer: Niani Resident

Model and Photographer: Niani Resident

Hello Ladies!

This is the fantastic hair MYSTIC by [Bizarre Hair]

It is so elegant and so I got the idea to combine it with the new 18000 Members Group
Gift (gown) from PurpleMoon Creations.

Mystic Hair (20 colors included) can be changed in the style you like the most:
You can wear it with or without the wisp.
The hair is modify and you can edit it with or without menu.

You only have to touch the hair and you will get the menu for RESIZE (change hair size),
GADGETS (attach objects and body-/facelight), CUSTOMIZE (change color of hair).
For low lag you are in the position to delete the scripts via OPTIONS.
The design of the hair is extravagant through the jewelry in it and everyone will notice you:-)

You will like this hair!


 (c) Niani Resident - All rights reserved

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